Indiana College Substance Use Survey

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2021-2022 Indiana College Substance Use Survey at no cost to you!
Don’t miss this opportunity to collect important data on students’ use of substances, reasons for and consequences of substance use, what students think their peers are doing, and more. You will receive a customized report of your campus results, comparing your results to the statewide data and analyzing the data by gender and age categories.

Data will be aggregated and individual campuses will not be identified in the state report. Only you will have access to your specific campus data.

If you want to take part in this survey, please let us know today. Contact  Kaitlyn Reho at

The survey is funded by the Indiana Collegiate Action Network through a contract with the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration, and is coordinated by the Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University.

2021 Indiana College Substance Use Survey Results

2019 Survey Results

The 2019 Indiana College Substance Use Survey findings were released at the ICAN Annual Conference on November 2019.

Past Month Substance Use

Alcohol – 62%
Cigarettes – 11%
Marijuana – 13%
Rx not prescribed – 4%

Binge Drinking in the Past 2 Weeks

Overall – 33%
More than 2 times – 10%

Consequences of Alcohol Use

Hangover – 56%
Forgot where they were/what they did – 26%
Engaged in risky sexual behavior – 16%
Missed a class or assignment – 12%
Been hurt or injured – 10%

Underage Students’ Access to Alcohol

Older friends – 57%
Males – 12%
Females – 9%
Off campus parties -27%
Purchase without ID – 66%
Use fake ID – 43%
Think it is likely to be ticketed if drinking at off-campus housing – 23%

Perception on Peer Belief

Close friends would disapprove if:

They had five or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting – 42%
They used marijuana – 45%

For More Survey Information, contact

Maura J. Pereira-Leon, Ph.D., Edu, MH
Research Associate
Prevention Insights
School of Public Heath
Indiana University Bloomington

Eric Kilbride
Indiana Collegiate Action Network